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Bewitched by the Montrose Witch Shop on Townsend

The Montrose Witch Shop at 14 North Townsend Avenue in downtown Montrose specializes in arts and crafts related to witchcraft. The year-round shop offers a wide array of items for your witch’s cabinet and for laying on your altar. There is of course home decor, too.

The Morghann of the Montrose Witch Hat Collection

A travel coffin altar complete with everything you need in an easy to travel altar

From the Montrose Witch Shop candle collection

Weeping willow incantation bark

Ritual bath and body collection

A large altar box

Spells and potions book

Dragon Blood incense

Montrose Witch Shop specialty oil collection

Florida water aura spray

Smudge fan

Montrose Witch Shop selection of tarot cards

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