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Food Trucks We Can Expect to See in the Valley

Without the same level of commitment or startup costs as a brick-and-mortar establishment, food trucks are a great way to turn a passion into a profession. In the Uncompahgre Valley we have a pretty wide selection of trucks offering all kinds of things. While we can’t include every food truck in this story, let us know via email or on social media of any we’ve missed, and we’ll add them to the online version of this story.

A Taste of New Orleans Sno-Balls: A food truck before there were food trucks in Montrose, A Taste of New Orleans Sno-Balls has been serving up this classic NOLA treat in Demoret Park for more than two decades. More commonly known as the sno-ball trolley, the combination of shaved ice and syrup is arguably the best way to battle the summer.

Alarado Biscuit Company: Formerly known as the Buttered Biscuit, the ABC is based in Grand Junction, but regularly makes it to Montrose. Owned by Charlene and Brian Thomas, they offer breakfast burritos, chicken and waffles, and, of course, biscuits and gravy - as well as combos of the aforementioned, such as the smothered chicken and biscuit sandwich.

Lonchera 2 Hermanos: Found in the Home Depot parking lot, the “lunchbox” is one of several food trucks serving up authentic Mexican food, including a good selection of seafood dishes. Started by Luis and Irving Macías, Lonchera 2 Hermanos has at least one dish that makes them stand out: the coco de Mariscos - a coconut filled with seafood!

Double Barrel Taco Company: With a semi-permanent home at Storm King Distilling, the DBTC truck can also be found roaming around town at all kinds of events in the area. The truck menu is a scaled back version of the menu you’ll find at the DBTC brick-and-mortar restaurant on Main Street, so expect combinations that include smoked brisket, smoked chicken, and blackened shrimp.

On the Hook Fish & Chips is a fleet of trucks present in 16 states. The Colorado truck roams the state, and seems to stop in Montrose once every couple of months. They were in Montrose in early May, and so you may not see them again for several weeks. The Facebook page and website are kept up to date, however.

All of the above can be found on Facebook.


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