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Restaurant Profile: Provisions at the Barber Shop

Given how small Ridgway is, the dining scene is particularly impressive. There are a few international offerings - Thai, Mexican, and even a Costa Rican restaurant - alongside the well known and respected Taco del Gnar, Eatery 66 and Colorado Boy. Kate’s and True Grit are a little more homey, and then there is Provisions at the Barbershop

This October will see owner Amie Minnick celebrate six years at the helm of Provisions at the Barber Shop, which is no mean feat given how many restaurants (indeed businesses generally) have succumbed to the effects of covid. Minnick is quick to point out that her survival was due almost entirely to loyal locals.

As you might expect, the former barber shop on Clinton St, which dates back to the late 1800s, had absolutely no infrastructure that was necessary for a restaurant, and so Minnick completely renovated the property from the ground up. Several months after that work began, Provisions opened in October 2015.

As for Minnick, she grew up in the Napa Valley, the famed California wine region, and was fortunate to be exposed to great food and wine. It was these formative gastronomic years that Minnick credits with putting her on a culinary path that would see her eventually attend the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). A stint in Telluride before attending the CIA exposed her to the Western Colorado, and after graduating she returned to the area to work as a private chef and caterer, eventually deciding to open a restaurant.

When it comes to the philosophy at Provisions, Minnick says she does her best to respect the ingredients and accentuate their flavors rather than transform them. Both seasonal changes and weekly specials keep regular visitors on their toes.

Heavily influenced by Europe - with dishes such as trout amandine featuring - the menu will change again in May as lighter dishes for spring and summer are introduced . Expect asparagus, corn, cherries, and peaches. Provisions also has espresso, pastries, breads, wines, beers and cocktails.

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