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4th and Main Exchange in Delta

4th and Main Exchange in downtown Delta is a living, breathing, time capsule of history from Delta, the greater Western Slope and beyond. The shop is 6,000 square feet of art, vintage antiques, furniture, indoor decor and everything collectible

Vintage Cameras

The Eastman Kodak Company, headquartered in Rochester, New York, brought the magic of photography to the masses in the early 20th century by manufacturing cameras that were easy to use. These cameras, much smaller than a traditional view camera, made it possible for people to make memories everywhere. The Exchange has many vintage cameras on display that are in great condition and would add to any photographic collection.

Vintage Kitchen Tools

Looking to add some useful, yet rustic, elements to your country kitchen? The Exchange has many vintage kitchen tools, still in good working order, that would add a flavor of history to any kitchen collection.

Organic Lavender

In addition to everything antique, the Exchange also carries a wide variety of locally made products from the Lamborn Mountain Farmstead of Paonia. These lavender cultivars are grown and distilled right on the farm. From goat milk lotions, sachets, bath powder, tea, and buds for cooking, these products can create a calming climate in any home.

Purple Glass

Over a hundred years ago glass products contained the element manganese, which used in the melt, turned the glass purple. After about 1915, this practice was discontinued. Today, purple glass is highly sought after for glass collectors. The Exchange carries a well preserved selection.

Antique Furniture

The Exchange houses an impressive collection of vintage furniture made by hand generations ago These gently used amalgamations of wood and glass can bring a sense of rustic sophistication to any rural setting. These instant conversations starters sell fast, and can make for great display cases for other family treasures.

Antique Housewares

Refinishing an old door and need a working antique doorknob? How about some old glass bottles and ceramic jugs to hold potions, mixtures or other decorations? The Exchange has a large selection of vintage containers and hardware in need of another generation of use.

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