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Blackened Paper

Issue 8 now out!

If you're fortunate enough to live in the Uncompahgre Valley or near one of our other distribution spots you can stop by the following places to pick up a FREE copy of Wayfinder.


We do our best to restock these locations, but if you do happen to find that they are out of stock ask somebody if they have any more and failing that, let us know and we'll get there as soon as we can!

Favorite place not on the list? Let us know or if it's your business, get in touch and we'll drop some off!

Wayfinder also partners with local and regional festivals and events.

Find free copies of Wayfinder
at these locations

Delta & Olathe

4th and Main Exchange

Delta Library

Doghouse Espresso 

Delta Chamber of Commerce


Montrose Airport

Bluecorn Cafe

San Juan Brews

Montrose Visitor Center

The Wright Opera House, Ouray .png

The Beaumont Hotel

Chipeta Solar Springs

610 Arts Collective

Ouray Visitor Center

High visibility locations

Montrose airport expansion rendering 2_edited_edited.jpg

Montrose Airport

sees over 316,000 annual passengers

Visitor Centers




people in 2021

Telluride Express


Thank you distributors

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