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Tools of the Trade: Straw Hat Farm Market & Kitchen

At Straw Hat Farm Market & Kitchen in Montrose, owner Karen Byler has created an unassuming shop that both champions local produce, has arguably the best cinnamon rolls in the state, and has a thoughtfully curated collection of kitchen tools and gadgets that are all scrutinised by Byler - and she isn’t afraid to get rid of items that don’t meet her standards!

Black Cube by Frieling 8” frying pan. Claiming to be the world's first hybrid cookware by bringing together stainless steel with a non-stick coating, Frieling are so confident in the pans they actually suggest using metal utensils on the label.

Mason Tops Pickle Packer. This is embarrassing, but this is our first time ever seeing a pickle packer. Handmade from acacia wood, the pickle packer isn’t what you’d call an essential kitchen tool, but if you’re into packing jars to the brim and love having a tool for every occasion, this might be for you.

Mini Ceramic Butter Keeper from Norpro. Something else that isn’t technically an essential tool, the butter keeper, sometimes called a butter bell or butter crock, keeps butter fresh and spreadable by submerging it in water. The bell part is filled with butter and then placed upside down in the receptacle that has a small amount of water in it.

Cast Iron Teapot and Teacups from Ja-Unendlich. Handmade in Germany using a rare sand casting process and following a Japanese tradition, Ja-Unendlich products are incredibly sleek and functional.

Rada Knife Set. This is the Rada Paring Knives Galore Gift Set and contains a peeling paring knife, a regular paring knife, and a heavy duty paring knife. Made from stainless steel with hand-sharpened blades, they are also made in the USA.

Cookie cutters. The classic kitchen tool, these are very simple and affordable and allow you to make all kinds of fun shapes.

NutriMill Harvest Grain Mill. With a housing made from bamboo (which is eco-friendly and sustainable), the 450 watt heavy duty motor (with auto-shutoff thermal protection no less) will allow you to mill a full range of textures, from cracked grain for hot cereal to pastry fine flour for baked goods! Straw hat is the only location in Western Colorado to carry NutriMill grain mills.

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