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Adrenaline Vans in Montrose

Adrenaline Vans founder Tim Hines has been retrofitting and upgrading Mercedes Sprinter vans in Montrose for a few years, but a recent decision to expand has seen the company move to a new spot where they will be able to kit out even more bitchin’ vans.

If you live in Montrose or visit regularly, you may have seen Adrenaline Vans founder Tim Hines rumbling around town in his sizable rig. If you know him, you may have even been serenaded a time or two, courtesy of his horn.

Business has been good for Hines, so much so that Adrenaline Vans recently moved to a new location five miles south of downtown Montrose on Highway 550. The move will allow the company to grow from a "build-shop" for adrenaline-junkies and their vans to an all-purpose, Mercedes Sprinter Van, "up-fit" shop.

The company initially tapped a unique market specific to the motorsports community, but Hines et. al. eventually opened up to offer services to all Sprinter van owners. Today, it is the only shop like it in the western United States, and Hines says van owners have been known to plan their vacations around visiting the shop for a quick upgrade.

A quick upgrade it is indeed. Hines and his crew pride themselves on their fast turnaround times. "Almost all shop visits are completed in one day, unless we are waiting on a part for some reason," Hines said. "You won't have to leave your van in the shop for weeks if you schedule with us."

Adding thoroughness to speed, every accessory and upgrade they offer is installed and tested on the company rig before anything is recommended to customers.

"We don't just put a pair of shocks on and tell you they are good; we test everything we suggest and can tell you why we suggest it, how it's different, and why it's better," Hines said. "We can tell you what's best because we’ve tested it out."

And that testing comes courtesy of the R&D company van. “Showing the van can be the best part of the day," Hines said. "You can see customers light up; everyone gets ideas they want to try on their own vans.”

And when Hines talks about R&D, he means taking the company van out each weekend to try out new upgrades, gadgets and gizmos. However, this is it R&D with observations and thoughts recorded in notebooks and on charts.

Hines has found a niche and subsequent success that has created perhaps the best problem a business owner can have. But success isn’t just measured in dollars and cents.

"Success at Adrenaline Vans is satisfied customers, a crew that's stoked to show up every day, and everyone having the time to do those things that they love to do. Success needs that balance. We’ve got the first two things, but I still don’t have enough time to ride my dirtbike as much as I’d like to.”


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